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Nun Shi Hongqing
The difference between this story of transition to living on prana
and the others is that this woman didnt aware of any Breatharianism
and such way of living has been practiced since the very childhood.
And this is an example of vegetarianism, which has been since birth.

      At first, it was a half of a month, a month and the longest was six months. Its the longest this time, since 1990 until now. Between three and four years old, three months was the longest time. Between five and six the longest was four months. Later between 13 and 14 I used to fast for seven months. Between 16 to 18 I did it for nine months and I felt nine months was too short. Between 19 to 23 I did it for a year. When I was 23, I became a nun and I have been food-free till now. Thats the progress. In the future I might eat again but well have to see. But not eating is not something unnatural. It is natural. Many people didnt believe me. After living with me they knew I could do it.
   Before I was born, my parents werent like this. They ate animals and their mouth decayed and they got sick. My mother gave birth to nine children. She ate meat during eight pregnancies, but when she had me, she ate vegetarian. After she gave birth to me she went back to eating meat. When I was nine years old, she started to eat vegetarian gradually. After month I was born I stopped living with my parents. I started to live with my maternal grandmother, so since I was born Ive always been a vegetarian. Ive never eaten meat my whole life.

:writing:   , ?

   I never visited their houses because I would vomit when I smelled meat. When I was little my sister and brother would hide meat under the rice, but I wouldnt eat the rice either. It happened a couple of times. Then by the third time I had a fight with them and I wouldnt talk to them anymore. I was very little when I stopped eating, but I had a lot of strength. For some time, when I was three or four years old, I was quite interesting actually, that I could sit in one place like a Bodhisattva statue motionlessly. Once, we went to play on a hillside. Later, I didnt return home, but no one looked for me. They thought I either went to one of the grandmas places or was with my mother. They just wondered where I was. Actually, I went to the Wind Spirit temple, and sat under the Bodhisattva statue in the worshipping hall. There was nobody guarding the temple at that time. Later, someone told my parents, Your daughter has been in the temple for a few days already. Later when I was five or six years old, I often went to the temple and brought my own incense to burn there. I was with people who were vegetarian and recited Amitabha Buddhas name or Quan Yin Bodhisattvas name. I stayed with them and didnt return home. My family didnt look for me either. When I was young, I was quiet. When I was a child, I almost mute. I didnt talk. I felt our conversations were boring, not what I was interested in. I didnt even say hallo to my parents, I only bowed to them.

:writing: , , ?

  No, they didnt know, because we had three homes. Grandmas from my fathers side, grandmas from my mothers side, as well as my moms place. Therefore, my parents didnt know anything about it. When I was seven to eight years old I didnt like to stay at home. I went outside to play all the time, but I didnt go to other peoples home to play. I only went to the places, where I could find Bodhisattvas, vegetarian food and recite the sutra. There was a small Wind Spirit temple nearby. I always spent my time talking to the Bodhisattva and bowing to her. It was my favorite thing to do. Later on, when I was nine or ten years old, I wanted to take refuge in the Buddha. My father has the heart of a Bodhisattva, he was very compassionate. He took sympathy on me, seeing me not eating properly because my other three sisters were very rough to me. When there was meat, they would eat all. When there was no meat, they  would eat my vegetarian food. After they ate all the tofu in my bowl, I only had a bowl of rice with water left. The three sisters continued to treat me like this every day. I then decided not to eat over again in my life, that way, there would be no more fights. That was why my father took sympathy on me. He asked the monk Xiao, Could you please accept my daughter as a renunciate in the temple so she could live a better life and enjoy food and life better? So my mother and I both took refuge in the Buddha. At that time, I was only nine years old and I felt comfortable when I was not eating any food.


   I arrived at the Lotus Mountain as an outsider. Its a temple for monks; I am a woman. Coming to this temple as a woman to practice spiritually, I thought if I didnt eat anything, no one would bother me. They would just let me do whatever I wanted. During my practice, I recited sutras and worshipped Buddha. I didnt get any monetary support from the temple. I told Buddha that it would make me so happy to become an enlightened living Buddha. I arrived at the Lotus Mountain on June 20, 1990 and I stopped eating food around July 20.

:writing: What happened in your life that motivated you to become a breatharian?

   I just naturally stopped eating.
   You can eat the branches of this tree. You can also eat these wild fruits. They are very sweet, very tasty. Here, this one is a peach tree and this one is the Ren-qian tree. They all bear wild fruits. You see all those wild fruits on the trees? We folks in the countryside only eat these wild fruits. We dont need to buy any fruits. We can just pick the fruit on the Ren-qian tree or on the ground. If you want to fast, you can eat these fruits. Theyll give you energy. You can just swallow them without chewing even. They dont have any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and are nourished by the nature stream water. When you first begin to eat them, dont eat too many. Eat just a few until you feel full.
   Before I stopped eating food, I would come here and pick the branches to eat. Then slowly I ate less and less food.
   When I was little, I would feel so good sitting here. There is a stream flowing down from here, and there is a bridge over the stream. There is also some shade. I would sit there to meditate and no one would disturb me. When I was little, I used to meditate here. Very quiet. It was so quiet. When I absorbed the abundant natural energy, I didnt lack any oxygen. When I was little, I used to play in the stream. After I stopped eating food, I would meditate here. It was a great place to meditate because no one came to disturb me. You could hear the sound of water day and night. The wind was blowing and it felt so comfortable while I meditated that I would forget to eat. Three or four days out of the week I would meditate here and I would forget to go home. This place has such great feng-shui.
float:left  The steam water can cure skin diseases and swollen muscles. This is natural spring water. It has no pollution at all. Its all natural. Thats why its so good. We dont have to eat any food. The water is enough to sustain us. This grass keeps your teeth very healthy. It even opens up the meridian points in your mouth, which are connected to the rest of the body.
   We drink the mountain water every day. We call it the world mountain water. It has very good energy and we can use it for hand-washing and for bathing. It contains a lot of the mountain vegetation. The vegetation in the mountain keeps the water pure. The water source is also very pure. The water on the plain comes from small rivers, but our water, like this kind of water, comes from the mountain. Water that runs through the trees in the mountain doesnt have any pollution and it helps prolong our lives.
   There is a pipe which goes up to the mountaintop. So the water is the spring water from up the mountain. This mountain spring water has no pollution at all. You can drink it or you can also use it to wash your face. Your skin will become so smooth, so beautiful. But the water in the city is channeled from dry land. This water is natural spring water. It tastes so sweet! So if you want to live a long life, you have to live in the mountain. You can even fast and stop eating. You can survive by just drinking a little water. The source of this water has been nourished by the natural nutrients from the vegetation so it tastes very good. Ive been drinking this water since I was little. After I drank some, I would meditate or recite Buddhas name and I would forget to eat. So, gradually I just focused on reciting Buddhas name and practicing spiritually. In this water there are lots of nutrients from nature from the plants and flowers so the water becomes nourishing as well.


   After becoming a nun, I didnt care about anything anymore. I gave all my good clothes to others and kept the shabby ones for myself.
   The only difference was that when I didnt eat, I was full of energy. I had a lot of strength to cut firewood and carry water. After becoming a nun, the food-free period became longer and longer.
   As a breatharian, I think the sun is very important. The sun doesnt eat anything, but it runs by itself. I stopped eating and became a breatharian. Since 1990, I have not eaten any food. Its the longest time Ive done it. Previously, when I couldnt bear the hunger, I would eat. Later I just stopped eating naturally. If I wanted to eat, I would also do it naturally. So being a breatharian is not the result of willpower but a natural state. It wasnt that hard to stop eating. I just did it naturally. I just felt like any normal person.

:writing: Did you eat less and less and finally stopped eating altogether, or did you first think about stopped eating, and then you stopped?

   I never thought about it. I used to feel like eating because my stomach would feel hungry and then I would eat. If I didnt eat anything, I wouldnt feel good. When I was little, I didnt understand what fasting was. I just stopped eating When I didnt feel like it, so it wasnt intentional. Some people stopped eating for some purposes, like they wanted to be famous or to achieve certain conditions. But in my case, its very normal for me.
   On the first day, I didnt feel hungry; I didnt feel anything in particular. I just didnt feel like eating. It was very natural. I didnt feel any changes in my body or emotions. I kept reading the sutras, and the more I read, the better I felt. I would read sutras day and night. I didnt feel like sleeping either.

:writing: Did you get sick? Did you feel anything else? After one week, one month, and then three month, how did you feel physically at every stage?

   No, I didnt get sick. I didnt feel different. I felt great. I grained some weight and I had more energy. So physically I felt better and lighter when I stopped eating. I had more and more energy. It seemed as if I was electrically charged. I had a lot of energy and I didnt need to sleep. If I tried to eat, I would vomit. I couldnt keep the food down and I would vomit, so I would just stop eating.

:writing: During that period of time did you crave for food or feel hungry? Did you crave for some vegebables?

   No. Before I stopped eating I would drink water and eat vegetables and rice. When I stopped eating, sometimes I would feel thirsty, so on dry days I would drink a little water. But I rarely drink water. My stomach felt the same as before, so I didnt feel like eating any more.
   When I was little, I used to think not eating was fun. I was too little to understand anything. I started reciting sutras since I was four. I never had any particular goal for being food-free. I just felt great when I stopped eating. I felt very carefree while reciting the sutras with the renunciates. Scientifically, if people stop eating, they would die of hunger, but for me, I didnt know anything. I didnt practice any method, I was just a country girl, and Buddha was protecting me, so I felt very happy when I stopped eating. While I was fasting, I would just sit in the temple, gaze at Buddhas statues and enjoy the fragrance of the incense.


:writing: I see you are so energetic and you dont eat any food.

   I am very strong. I collect and prepare firewood, carry logs for building houses. One bundle of firewood is over 50 kilograms, but I can carry two at once, by one for a hand.
   I feel stronger than before. It is because I practice spiritually. When we stop eating, we have more strength than other people and we can have more strength than any other people.
   I feel life is very colorful when I dont eat. Living in the world becomes very simple. I feel good mentally and physically. If I can do it my entire life, I will be happier.

:writing: After becoming a breatharian did you feel any change in your thinking?

float:left   As a breatharian I wish that everyone in the world would stop eating. It would be a great contribution to the country. We could save a lot of food and its beneficial in many aspects. But I also wish that everyone in the world can be healthy before they depart from the world. I feel very healthy being a breatharian. Without eating Im free of any burden. I feel very healthy. I dont have any other thoughts. I feel free to be Buddhas child. So when we become a breatharian, we are in good spirit. We can work and recite sutras all day without feeling tired. About drinking water Here is a cup of water. If I feel thirsty I would drink a little. If I dont feel thirsty, one cup of water would be enough. I drink different amounts of water in different seasons. In spring I drink very little, in summer I drink more. In summer I may drink two cups of water a day. In winter I only need one cup every week. When my throat feels dry, after some time I have to drink some water. Otherwise, my throat would feel burning and dry. But it would be fine after I drink some water. But I dont drink much. When I practice, if I drink too much water, I would feel uncomfortable. I feel very good if I drink a little water. I feel very good in spirit and all aspects.


:writing: What kind of tests you have taken? On the first day of the interview everybody stayed with me in the temple. The team included two women and two men. Every day, 24 hours, they stayed with me to see whether I was really living without food or whether I was just pretending. They were quite funny actually. They said to me, You dont eat, fine! Lets see if you still have energy. They asked me to fetch water for them, wash clothes and quilts. After that, they got tired of the game, they chatted with each other and watched TV, but I had to do the same together with them. When they ate, I had to be with them as well. It was agreed that at meal times I could go away or stay outside, but they insisted on having me sit at the table with them. Why? They wanted to see if I would have the desire to eat. That was day one.
   The test on the second day was collecting wood from the mountain. The Lotus mountain is very high, more than 1800 meters in altitude. They asked me to climb the mountain and cut the wood, to see if I had the energy to do that, since one had to be strong to cut the wood. I cut the wood and returned to the temple to cook. But while they climbed up and down, they walked slower than me. They ate a lot of food, yet they walked unsteadily while I walked briskly. After I put down the wood, they asked me to carry some water. That was day two.
   On the third day, they asked me to carry bricks and stones to build a room for the abbot. Its now being used as a kitchen in the Lotus Mountain. They wanted to see how much energy I had without having food. I carried stones and dirt which weighed about 65 kilograms. So the next day I had to carry dirt and stones and climb the walls. The women living in our place didnt have to work like that. They wanted me to do this because they wanted to see if a breatharian like me could have more strength than other people. So I did all these. Even when they said I could stop, I didnt. I said, Fine. If you want me to carry these things, I will. They had two people carrying the same load, but they still couldnt do better than me. That was the third day.
   On the fourth day, we competed in carrying a rice basket. At noon we all carried a basket that weighed 45 kilograms. The journalist saw us carrying the basket. I walked as if I was flying, they couldnt catch up with me. They commented, This person is stronger than us, who eat food! That afternoon the reporters from the TV station came to film me pulling the ox cart and carrying rice baskets, coming down from the mountain. Later we carried rice. I was able to carry 130 catties (65 kilograms) of rice.
   After four days it was all done. They stayed with me for 10 days at the neighborhood community center. They also studied me at the Physical Science Research Center. At the neighborhood community center the journalists monitored a few women who worked  there. They thought perhaps since I had lived in the Lotus Mountain for so long, the old monks and nuns who were my friends would give me food. But if they kept me at the neighborhood community center I wouldnt be getting any food from anybody. While they stayed there with me, they even put a seal on the door, slept together with me and put guards outside. No one was allowed to take the seal off. After 10 days at the neighborhood community center, the study results came from the research center.
   They first filmed me for four days and then they studied me for 10 days. A week before that the journalist from the local TV station requested the doctors at the neighborhood community center to segregate me and take an X-ray of my stomach for them to study. They said that scientifically, no normal person could survive without food. They said it wasnt possible. So the head of the neighborhood community center requested that I be isolated. They had a meeting and they decided to ask the doctors at the center to study me. They wanted to find out what I had achieved by not taking any food. A week after a meeting, the doctors gave them the study results, which indicated that I was completely normal even though I didnt eat any food. It wasnt just one person, but three people were studied altogether. One person had a normal physical condition, one had illnesses and another person who didnt eat food. They studied our blood types. The blood of a sick person looks different. A healthy persons blood also looks different. Moreover, since Im a breatharian my blood also appears different. The color of my blood in the picture was green which indicated optimum health conditions. I was proven to be extremely healthy. So, after checking, the other two case studies blood test results did not surpass the results of people who didnt eat food like me. So the test was successful. We breatharians have excellent blood quality. Its because we dont even touch any food. If it werent because of comparisons between different case studies, they wouldnt have been able to distinguish (based on blood) who had good health or who had had health.


  :writing: Did they check your pulse, blood and blood pressure?

My blood pressure was very normal and my physical condition was excellent. Blood type and blood pressure are different, type B blood and type A blood dont look the same. A patients blood looks a little purple. A normal persons blood has a red or light pink color, but the blood color of a highly spiritual person has a bluish green color, when you take a picture of it. It is a very rare color. So the scientific studies showed that my energy and blood all appeared to be excellent. They had to test my blood using scientific methods or else they couldnt prove that I was a breatharian.
After the reporter interviewed me, my master also became a breatharian. We hope to repay sentient beings by being a breatharian and to help bring peace to the world.

:writing: After stopping eating, have you been sick?

After stopping eating, I am healthier and healthier. I never get sick. I dont have injections or take any medicine. I find that a life without eating but meditating and travelling around the world is very joyful and very natural. People dont have to take care of me. Its also very simple to arrange for sleeping. I can sleep anywhere, in the living room or in the dining room. I can overcome the difficulty to bring happiness to sentient beings. I dont intentionally refrain from eating. It happens naturally. I dont do it to save money. I just dont eat. If I want to eat I have the money. In spiritual practice one doesnt need to spend much on food anyway. I just dont feel like eating. I feel full of energy. If you feel full without eating whats the point of eating? It will make me feel uncomfortable.

:writing: If someone also wants to stop eating, do you have any method? Do you have any disciple who can stop eating for a period of time? Did you teach him a method?

float:left   Yes, I have. I didnt teach. He just practices naturally with us. A few of us practice here together, he just naturally stopped eating. Living without food cannot be taught through a method. It happens naturally. It depends on each individuals practice, virtue and stomach. Some of my disciples can stop eating for half a month up to three months. They dont drink much water either.
   As a breatharian I wish the world is at peace without war, so that all people can live in harmony. Since I was young, I have been praying for world peace. Why? Only when the world is at peace, can people practice spiritually. Spiritual practitioners and breatharians are all afraid of wars, because people would live in fear. When there are earthquakes and floods people cant live in peace either. We breatharians would recite sutras and worship the Buddha, praying for world peace so that all people of the world can sleep in peace. Wherever there is war, earthquake or flood, everyone in the world will be affected. So we breatharians should contribute to the country. We hope that people in the world will not experience these things. The way I contribute to avoiding disasters is to practice the Lotus Sutra and pray that people in the world will not experience disasters. I hope that through reciting sutras and worshipping Buddha, we breatharians can bring peace in the world. I often think that it would be the best if everyone in the world could be breatharian. Breatharians can serve the people, relieve sufferings and disasters, protect people of all professions, be successful in whatever careers they choose and do not get sick, which is the best. They can live in good health and help the disadvantaged. But for your safety, please dont stop eating without a guide.



Oberom C. Silva

   I realize that the vibrational pattern that enters the body when you eat some physical element, if you are in a sustained happiness, it does not vary. If youre caught up in the daily dramas of being a victim, of control, of fear, of suffering all that you place inside, you interferes with your vibration. You become totally vulnerable to external vibrations, the outdoor vibrations. And its the same for the environments that you hang out in, the companions that you have, your entertainment, television everything will bring that dense vibration, each more inferior and will also undermine our energy, and each time that we are linked, we are caught in this circuit of survival, of hunger, of the need to eat. And this also applies to food. If you eat low-frequency food, of death, pain, suffering, violence, fear, you are entering the vibration of these elements, which are very dense, very low vibrations. So its hard for you to live this happiness Im talking about this continuous happiness, this awareness of being happy.
   You live moments of joy here and there and then enter again into this rollercoaster of sensations and feelings. So the main idea that I see, even for the purpose of panic consciousness, is that the people are established in the consciousness no longer the ego creating structures, creating games. Thus you can get out of this ego mechanism of living in the past, living in the future , transiting through pleasures, just watching and being happy with everything, being thankful in the energy of gratitude, which is sublime. Gratitude is divine. It brings this unlimited vibration, a vibration of God.
   I was born into an alternative community, to a lifestyle that is oriented toward self-knowledge. I was born at home in a natural manner no allopathic medicines no white sugar, no TV, without any meat. Everything without effort, everything educated in a way, as they were explained by my parents, and as they were understood by us, it was not a deficiency. I had a regular education. I graduated in physical education. Now I am doing postgraduate studies on yoga. I work mainly with the dissemination and clarification of what is pranic consciousness in Brazil and globally. I am an activist for vegetarianism, not only on the streets but also focusing on that part of education and enlightenment with students, whether in the academic or mainstream schools. I wrote a book titled Travelling on Light, which reports my experience of a spiritual pilgrimage between Europe and India that lasted nine months between. And currently, Im working on the publication of these books.
   I am a yoga teacher. I do that during the week. I work. Im also an administrator of an ecology NGO called, MADRE that means Friend of Ecological Diversity and Regeneration. Im also part of the ABRASCA council, which is the Brazilian Association of Alternative Community, where we have a regular attendance at meetings and for activities related to the proposals of alternative living. In addition, the work with agroforestry, permaculture,  bioconstruction are part of my day-to-day activities as well. Also, my personal activity is to maintain my being so that I am always vibrating on this energy that is good for everyone, which does good for the planet, which is happiness and love.
   Actually, the beginning of my story as an activist of vegetarianism comes from reading the book, The Key to Immediate Enlightenment, by Master Ching Hai. There is this question of holistic compassion as well, in addition to the different religious lines that also compose this understanding, compassion, respect to these beings who are so pure. So this gave me encouragement to inform people in a way of being the spokesperson of these beings who  speak, but in a language that the human density today cannot understand. 
   I was born into a family of seekers, so my brothers and I were raised without meat. We never consumed meat in our lives, despite the disapproval from relatives, teachers, the society. We grew up to be stronger, healthier, without allopathic medicine, and with similar productivity, and sometimes better, than others in our age group. So this part of nutrition we always had. It has always been okay with us to not eat meat of not feeding off the pain and suffering. Moreover, the perception that we could evolve in this direction was always there. Thus, we did away with the lacto-vegetarian diet for a more conscious diet, which is the vegan diet. From that came a realization that the quantity of what we eat equals the amount of energy that we spend to digest the materials that we consume. So the highlight of this story for all of us was when the book appeared, Living on Light, by the Australian Jasmuheen, in which she mentions an initiation process, a spiritual initiation, of 21 days where there is a conversion of our belief system for this ultimate field and divine beings that we are a watershed where you find yourself, where you recognize the divine being that you are and it is from this consciousness that we are nurtured by God Himself, that we are awakened to this happiness that I sustain until today. Since 2001, it has been nine years living in this blessing that increasingly stimulates in us a spontaneous feeling of gratitude, which brings even more blessings, more abundance, prosperity, for our lives. So the greatest force that we had, was the relationship with Yoganandas Autobiography of a Yogi my father was already a devotee of Yogananda ever since I was born. So the stories of Theresa Neumann, Giri Bala, Badaji, various yogis who bilocate, who communicate telepathically all of this were bedtime stories, so we had always thought of them as being real. Our belief system in this aspect has always been to accept all this, but of course, within a perception that it (living on prana) was for enlightened yogis of the Himalayas and not for more mortals like us, until the book arrived and changed everything since the book mentions Yogananda. So I had a strong identification with all what the author suggested in the books description, of this possibility.
   My parents came from San-Paulo, the capital, a metropolis recognized today as a center for opportunities, and discovered that it did not fit with what they saw as being true to continue the path of life, which they understood as a goal to be incarnated here and it went far beyond having a good job, good salary of everything that people are looking for there. So they decided to go to the countryside to have a family far away from the principles of competition, of fear All the children, and not few in number, follow the same ideal, have the same perception of life, of the world, toward work,  love to stimulate the love in our daily life with people. Not so much as to talk about love but live the love and understand that our example speaks much louder than our words. So when we encountered the pranic consciousness or living on light back then, it was a general recognition for the whole family.


   My mother went through the pranic process with all the beliefs, which were reflected in her process. Six months later, my brother, a year younger, entered the process. Two days after I went through the process. Two weeks later, my sister started the process; two days after that my father began it. Four processes and my mother was assisting. It was very strong for her because shes a nurturing kind of person, and suddenly she was seeing that in some way, the natural function was cut off. And we saw that somehow was changed going through with her process, because at the time when she went through the transitioning process, she was a woman, a mother of six children with forty-some years. The stress reflected on her body: she had more weight, looked tired, low on energy but also very spiritual and everything, but she lacked this blessing. So when she did it (transitioning to breatharianism), she simply became beautiful, externally and internally. You could see in the eyes this change. And I joked that I dont have a boring mom anymore, and instead gained a cool, older sister. So this relationship of being connected to the umbilical cord, we became more close knit in love, and this, the process itself, it was like a large experiment in our case, because some time later, a brother did the process, at 14 years of age and then another sister did the process, at 13 years old. So there were several family members, except the little one who also wanted to do it but was stopped from doing it, that was living that experience. So it was interesting for us to see ourselves as test tubes, because there is no manual that describes when it happens, you have to do that. Then there was that issue of internalization, of silence and realization, hearing the answers coming from within. We know that the consciousness accesses everything; it is everything. It was very interesting that we awakened more of these things which we believe: we are one, we create our reality all these clichés, we live it in practice. Truly! We made the bodys cells realize this, that its not just a beautiful theory.
   My diet before was based on volume, but always observing the non-suffering. Of course, I didnt know that a lactose diet is very similar to the suffering of animals, maybe due to ignorance. I feel Ive passed through without suffering, but in ignorance.
   When we heard about this possibility, for me it was a strong possibility of gaining this experience of really feeling that I am nourished by God. That was very strong for me. As a young man of 17 years of age at that time, it was truly fantastic; also the benefits that the imagination created about the non-eating factor. I was an athlete, which I stopped during my 21-day period, and more or less about a month and a half, actually three months, of recovering, re-establishing myself, until three months later I had two pounds more than I had before the process, but in muscle mass, and spare energy to return to a handball court, to run 8.7 miles, riding a bike uphill and downhill as training, and to do capoeira and athletic activities, just drinking juice, and living on prana. Three times a week I did all that. So it motivated me a lot. It was a very strong motivation, but the main one, which is the same for the whole family, is this possibility to be closer to God or this consciousness. This was the biggest motivation really. The process was very smooth. What draws the most attention as well, from what I recall I actually have a good memory with respect to it. Various details, for example the first week, spending 24 hours wide awake and learning how to deal with it; realizing the patterns of the ego, discerning where the ego is, where is the conscience; moving away from the command of the ego, of the future and past that brought suffering in that situation, and entering the moment where there was suffering. Learning this through practical experience makes all the difference. So this was a great school. And another thing that calls a lot of attention and which is worth mentioning is that about the second and third week, I saw God in everything. Everything was love, I wanted to embrace everything. Sometimes people say this is a releasing of endorphin it  could be, but the issue is that I saw everything more colorful, and the experience of being filled with love and happiness was very clear.


float:left   My first day without eating anything was before the process; my preparation was on a Sunday. One day I woke up ready to eat absolutely nothing, but with all my mental patterns about what could happen. Said and done, I had a day with a little headache, sometimes feeling weak, and I woke up the next day with almost no strength to get out of bed. In contrast to the transitioning process, when I started the process, my first day seemed like a normal day, my second day seemed to be normal, my third day seemed like a normal day. On my fourth day, the issue of sleep started to bother me and I began to realize my strong ego. Then the issue of food, from my first days of my process - very, very smooth. I had the experience of food as a vehicle of emotional fulfillment, a valve when our emotional field is shaken, and I had a break in a relationship and I did not stop to observe, did not stop to connect or to surround myself with this consciousness of who I am. I entered inside the ego, going deep into the ego and I said, Its up to you, and he (the ego) punished me with feelings that hed like to have. So it was a time after three years living within that consciousness, I found myself eating to fill an emotional hole, and it was a very cool experience, looking back today, because my physical endurance dropped immediately. In the beginning, I had a cold immediately after going back to eating solids. I felt more dense to the subtle perceptions. My thoughts were invasive, messy, noisy, and this stirred up in my behavior as a person. So it was a worthwhile experience, and today I learned a lot from it.
   On a diet of 2000 calories, more or less, we expend around 1400 to metabolize the food. So its almost contradictory to eat. Albert Einstein said everything is energy, so its very clear that we are one, right? And the difference between things and people are the different frequencies of energy that shape the material elements. But the basic principle is, if we take the food inside our mouth, were taking in the same energy that we are, right? So we could bring the same energy, which is one that is through breathing or through a state of consciousness. Growing up in a family that respects life wherein all members adhere to this principle through their plant-based dietary lifestyle, I was receptive very early on the more exalted values of human life. After witnessing my mothers amazing transformation, when she transitioned to the food-free diet, I also decided to live on prana. Six months before my process, I watched closely my mothers process and I had no doubt that it was possible, that it was suitable for me too. So fears, of any kind everything became so fluid, all pointed and pushed me toward it that I didnt resist. With everything that happened, it seemed that God was really putting us in this and right this way.
   From my personal experience I came to realization that the human body possesses unimaginable abilities that are just waiting to be tapped into. The human body is ingeniously divine, within this divine art of composing matter. It is more or less Well, I dont want to risk putting number on this because it can be nonsense. It is trillions of cells, each one with millions of functions. And amazingly, each cell knows the function of each of the many cells. So we are an intelligence. Of course,  for all these matters of vibration, of density, of limited perception, we have to access a survival mechanism which is a mechanism that governs the animal world: hunger, eating, sleeping. So all of this is natural; its not bad. But we can wake up to something more  subtle, more conscious, and from that awareness, accessing a consciousness that will bring a higher vibration, will be rescuing the divine intelligence, unlimited intelligence. That is this vehicle, and it alone will provide all the information I need to carry out my task. The vibration simply brings intelligence, this unlimited intelligence, and it operates as well as it multiplies the cells, and guide these elements of our organism.


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