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(eng) Short interviews of breatharians

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float:left   Sometimes people want a scientific explanation, I know there is one. We have a book by Michael Weiner,  “Life from light,” that mentions the vision of a physician about this possibility. And just now I received a report concerning a Mexican doctor, a Mexican scientist, who speaks about human photosynthesis. Hira Ratan Manek himself talks about the process of awakening the pineal, releasing melatonin through light, which enters via our eyes. These are explanations. But then, to attempt to explain love scientifically… When you can explain love scientifically, it will be very easy to explain living on light scientifically. As a great cosmic mother, who is watching over me, which is accompanying me, but I have awareness that God is this: me, you and everything. And there’s no difference, no separation at all. Everything is orchestrated within perfection. This all-encompassing awareness… has an entire plan that is developing. Then I sometimes allow myself to feel like a smaller being, although I know that I am this consciousness. Humanity is certainly here as a school on evolution. People say, “Oh, but we are like this since a long time ago.” For example, with the eating aspect, “Why are you inventing this non-eating?” We have teeth, we have a digestive system, but why not evolve? We know that our body is completely adaptable and versatile, and we’ve suffered mutations throughout our evolution. Then perhaps this is a new stage, for some people initially. Then I realize that within this great school, which is life, that we live in this moment  as humans at this stage of our learning, of our evolution. We have come to acknowledge God, and for some it is a slow and painful process that even includes many lives. For others, it is a recognition. Maybe God shines stronger within some, because of merit, and shortens the path of these people. For others, the person suddenly needs to learn more.
http://aum.wen.ru/sm/sm441.gif For me, before the process, my life was dedicated to sports and physical exercise, manual labor at home, with a scythe, with a hoe, a herb garden, planting trees. And when I did the process, remnants of this life were repeated. My enthusiasm for sports, and the possibility that the body gave me in response to all these stimulations, I realized that I was investing much energy externally, whereas I could conduct this energy for my spiritual development. So I found yoga. And then my life was left between the field, the practices of life in the field and the physical practices with hatha yoga, raja yoga and karma yoga, and then after that I had an experience that was a nine-month journey with very little money, surrendering to the Divine Providence, to even be living miracles in 13 countries in Europe. The road to Santiago, I walked in silence, 800 kilometers without eating, in 19 days – but without eating was eighteen days. There was a day that I couldn’t avoid, not because of a physical need but of a social issue there, the circumstance that held me to that. And everything was wonderful. The body is perfect. It understands what the situation is and finds a way around food. Although it feels the weight, again, of entering into that mechanism to digest, to breakdown; but it solves the issue. And then, due to this trip, which was completed in India, two months, in India with my brother, I returned to Brazil and wrote a book, “Traveling in the Light,” which reports the experience of being on pilgrimage, of really living through surrendering to the Divine Providence, without any kind of fear or concern that I would be disappointed. And this brought, once again, a confirmation that things flow.  Just trust, just surrender… 
   And there I wrote the book, and from that, started to work to spread this perception that living on light is not non-eating. It is living on divine light. It is possible to live, on this divine light even while we still eat. And, of course, to also say that it is possible to access possibilities beyond the non-eating, perhaps beyond the human understanding, such as the dematerialization of the body and re-materialization of the body, freely, and the non-eating state is a small matter.  And then, with this lectures on pranic consciousness, I also use the book that is now in English. And my life today is very active.


:writing: What occurs during the 21-day transition process to becoming food-free?

float:left   It is three weeks, divided into the physical body, emotional body, mental body. Cleansing of all these, in all these extensions of our being, the balance between them and changing a pattern of beliefs. The process happens naturally more or less like this. From the fourth until the seventh day, you’re being fed through the subtle energy, and the body does not quite understand what mechanism is, and because you are not losing energy to digest, you get more energy, and then you don’t sleep. So, it’s quite common that from the fourth to seventh day people do not sleep. But from the moment the juice enters, because it is a week without eating anything… and the last two weeks of drinking juices. Then, at the moment the juice enters, the body relaxes again and then you have more time to sleep. But we do not work even when not eating. We work on the dive to go deep within, the perception of oneself, the perception of how the mechanisms of the ego are, and from this the deconstruction of limiting belief systems.
   I no longer need to eat, I no longer need to drink anything. And I began to explore this with handball, with athletics, with capoeira and… wow! The idea is that the person cleanse himself, balance himself, and access this awareness of the limitless being that we are. So “pranic” is a name used for people who live in the pranic consciousness, this unlimited consciousness of yourself, of our human potential. And this comes from a leap in consciousness, I mean, a spiritual experience at an initiation level, for example, It’s a gradual process and the person is taking that, incorporating this divine, rediscovering that which time has given him. So being pranic is living within this vibration where you tap into those qualities that have been dormant “Breatharian” is an appellation for a being that follows a diet, I’m restricting really to the diet, where there is nothing physical that is consumed. A breatharian is that being who lives exclusively on prana. He exists within the pranic consciousness, therefore he is pranic. He has transcended the attachment to the palate, of feeling pleasure so he is even free from this issue of living for the pleasure of taste. I am pranic,  but I do not consider myself a breatharian. I do not make the focus of my life of being a breatharian. I am not seeking it. I’m looking for this permanence, the stability in consciousness, to be happy all the time, entirely happy, fully. This is what I’ve been working on and I feel that the result of this stability in consciousness is that the desires disappear and I am nurtured by the prana, as my cells already recognize this. The days where I  am “dry,” where I keep feeding exclusively on prana, I do not feel any lack in needs. My energy is much greater. My work is physically heavy, manual work even and I don’t feel any kind of fatigue or like that. So that is really a matter of ego, to be willing to feel pleasure, that is why I don’t consider myself a breatharian, but rather a pranic, living on pranic consciousness and perhaps who arrives at breatharianism.
http://aum.wen.ru/sm/sm448.gif Physically I feel fine, truly. Actually, the fact of going through nine years without getting sick is wonderful! It’s a very rich experience. And even the feeling of the body being full of energy, invigorated for activities, I think it is very rewarding. I do yoga, and I feel very happy having this energy, to be able to stop and observe… and also the physical dynamics in some practices like Vinyasa Flow that requires a lot from the body. A two-hour intense practice, and the body responds perfectly well. Emotionally, I feel that if there’s a consciousness, there’s stability. We cannot identify with the processes. The natural processes of life that involves the mind, that will involve the emotions, then the consciousness is watching. If you’re there, you do not fall into these dramas, and consequently everything becomes more stable, centered, more balanced. I feel like this, truly. I feel in a state of balance.


   When I did the process, one of the motivations that I had, and one of the ideas, was about not eating anymore. So many times I infringed upon a principle that today I see so much of that was ahimsa, non-violence, on behalf of a rigidity, ego even: “I will not eat.” It was not something solved. It was something imposed upon me by myself, which generated suffering at some level, and then I notice in the ninth month, I was not only generating a violence for myself, but also with the people within my environment; and I chose to be free. No constraint on my freedom to the non-eating factor, but to be free. Of course, the feeling of not eating is wonderful, is an immense freedom. But also to be free to eat. What I’m feeling now, it’s complete, it’s real. So this pleasure, I started to evaluate it, and it brought a discipline, very beautiful, which is what I follow today. After I completed the process, my sleep fell by half; I started to sleep about four hours. There are some nights that are less than that, but not forced sleep and have to wake up for any reason; and not that case of insomnia which you feel tired and cannot sleep. The time was well spent resting, very nice, and I have absolute energy to perform all my activities which are not always very light, so calm, sometimes very dynamic and strong. When I finished the process and had that certainty and physical sensation that I was being nourished by God, nurtured by love, happiness… Everything became very alive, very colorful, and fluid.
   When it comes to our digestive system, we know that we are herbivores, so we are going against human nature. And the consumption of meat today is the most unsustainable in existence. We know that if we remain with an omnivorous diet, we are feeding off the pain, suffering, violence, and in time this reflects in our thoughts, in our words and often in our actions that brings the density which does not allow us to link the food that we are consuming with a life, or the element that we are consuming with the thousands of lives, that are put down so that we may have the livestock. Forests upon forests are destroyed so that we can create pastures. Therefore, I think the most important point in this transition for the planet to survive today, I think that the biggest advancement to this liberation awareness is a vegetarian/vegan diet where we will not be contributing to self-destruction. We will enable many others beings to develop their life in a harmonious way, even in interaction with humans, in the moment that he realize the importance that these beings have for our growth, for our learning. Until now we only see them as mere instruments of satisfaction for our pleasures – and they are our teachers and brothers. 
http://aum.wen.ru/sm/sm24.gifPranic consciousness is a state of feeding from love. If we govern our lives from love, then all of our actions will create, maintain love. And in this condition of love, pure and true, that lives in the presence, all of our actions come from the awareness. I see, then, that this work of Master Ching Hai provides access to beings living with this consciousness, which is often shielded by society, I see that it is very liberating to bring this program about breatharianism to people’s awareness. I am very thankful to this work where I realize now more than at any other time that the team is big, that we have never actually been alone. I would like thank with all my being, my Master Parahamsa Yogananda, the entire Brotherhood of Light, the White Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters. I want to thank Jasmuheen for the work. It is a very courageous work and valiant, meaning acting with the heart. I would like to thank my parents for the faith, for the surrender, and for the example that they are, my mother who is a living example of this state of consciousness, and my entire family. I thank the entire organization of the Supreme Master, and very deep gratitude to the Divinity, the divine presence “I AM,” who allowed himself to be stronger than my ego and revealed himself to give direction in my way, and I see myself as being very privileged to be so soon, I think, to have developed so early in life. I also think I have received so many blessings and have been treading in such abundance, so joyously, and with much love, therefore, I’m very grateful.



          Dirk Schröder         
   I decided to write travel guides, and no one would have believed this because I always got a 4 or 5 in my German language (from 10). And my parents, the people around me, threw their hands up in dismay, saying “What is the matter with him?” but I got such a joy from this idea. To travel around a country for weeks and months exploring down to the smallest-detail. At that time, I had a girlfriend who was good in languages and so she could correct my grammar and I said, “Okay, we’ll do it.” And since then my life had really changed. I’ve done things that gave me pleasure. In the beginning I made no money, but I was just happy with what I was doing. And so I have realized that it is important to do what is right and consistent for me.
   About 15 years ago I saw a picture of an American Indian on a flyer and realized, “I must go there!” At that time it was Archie Fire Lame Deer and I went to his sweat lodge and felt very much at home. And then I followed them and learned from Archie how to do rituals. I went to America, to where he lived on a reservation, and I got in contact with the Native Americans. One thing after led to another and since then I have also managed sweat lodges myself. I must say that it is a place where I feel at home.
   Through my studies with Archie, I discovered a spiritual dimension that I had never before experienced. This led me to investigate other indigenous traditions. Later I came into contact with shamanism. In a shaman’s museum I saw objects and shaman drums and asked myself, “What is that?” solely for professional reasons, but then it went beyond. And I suddenly merged into a whole new world which I then privately explored. I coincided this with my travels so that I could visit more and more indigenous people. I’ve learned much more from their way of life. What I’ve learned however, from the Indian rituals, is that it is customary that one does not eat or drink for four days. Here I received a very special access to the divine source through this sort of fasting. And it has also changed my awareness that it is also possible to go without drinking for four days.
   But it was not until 2004, while managing a sweat lodge on my wilderness camp that I first learned about the possibility of living completely food-free. After the sweat lodge, it is common that one has ritual meals. And at this ritual meal, there was a participant who was there for the first time. And he had come from far away. He said, “Oh, actually, we don’t need to eat. We can also live on light.” This electrified me. I thought, “That can’t be true.” Then he said further that during a 7-day transitional process, one does not drinking anything. And that for me was unbelievable. I had already experienced 4 days not drinking anything, but 7 days! That just completely changed my world view and this made me curious. The man explained about Jasmuheen and the 21-day process. I bought the book immediately and read it. And it resonated inside of me. Then I said, “What this lady had written, I know this and I will do it.” And then it really took me three years until I was ready to say, “Okay. Now is the time for it.” After doing the process, I did not eat anything for a long time. Just to be really sure that it works.
   And I do believe, we’re all yearning for something that will make us happy and we are looking for it outside, but it is inside us. It is the nature that is around us. And since I realized that I’m at a point where I’m very happy, I could combine it with writing and photography. Well, then all the things fell into place. I must say that after so many life experiences, nothing happens in vain. And I believe that applies to everyone, that every step in life is important, to find the bigger picture.


   The 21-day-process? Yes, in retrospect, I will break the 3 weeks into parts. And the first week was simply the crucial part. The first week, for 7 days, one does not eat or drink. I knew that, for 4 days I could do without eating and without drinking. And then it was really exciting and I must say that on the 5-th day, I woke up and thought: “Hey, I’m still alive, that’s unbelievable.” And also got help from the books that I read from Jasmuheen. I had a query, and as I turned to a page, there was the answer. And what I noticed was that (intuitive) messages really came, which I then immediately held on to. That was great. On the other hand, I noticed how thin my body was getting. But on the other hand I saw that on this very sunken face, there were these bright shiny eyes, and that made me very happy. Well, there was such life there. And then I told my body: “You are still living.” I spoke to it, and I said: “We live on, and we will make it.” 
   In the second week, I was totally weak. And that is the time when one is allowed to drink diluted fruit juice with plenty of water. I felt completely exhausted, like after a major surgery. Exactly, during the first week, I also had really seen angels. The angels came to me and that was incredible. They spoke to me. They also scolded me, because I did not lie down as much as was prescribed. I felt, as Jasmuheen also described in the kidney area, that somehow a conversion had happened. And now I understand that this change was really preformed by these Light energies. I had the feeling that I needed to rest; I could hardly carry anything physically. And I slowly regained weight. I had lost more than 8 kilograms, and then things were looking better. During the second week, I really felt that it was time for recovery.
   And in the third week, that was somehow like the integration, I would say. I was invigorated. I felt better, and I had the feeling that I was fit and changed. That was so clear. And then on the last day, on a Saturday when the process was over, shortly before the end, I had to conduct a fire walk. I walked over the fire with intention that the process would now be integrated. That was really great. That was really phenomenal how it had functioned. And with that, the 21-day-process for me was a wonderful closure. And there I was on Sunday, and I thought to myself, “Well, why should I eat again? What reason is there now to start eating again?” And then it was clear. Monday morning, I would just continue. If there was no compelling reason for me to go back to eating again, then I would keep going. And yes, there were 2 things that I was worried about. First, my weight was still much less than what I would have imagined, still well below 60 kilograms, and I still looked pretty haggard. But I felt wonderful. And the second was that I was still always very cold. I always felt cold. I had to take drinks to keep me warm. And then, since I’m a travel journalist, I had the opportunity to travel to Greece. And I thought to myself, “Okay, in Greece, it is warm.” And thus I could also get out of my conventional surroundings, live the way I wanted to, just without food until I have the feeling that it is now integrated. And I also issued an ultimatum to the Spirits and I said, “”Right now, I do not feel good. When I weigh too little, I do not radiate how I feel, and no one will have faith in me. And I also do not want to freeze. And if it does not work, up to a point of time, and I do not feel well, then I will start to eat again.” That was a very clear ultimatum and a clear message to the spiritual world. And it worked.


   I went through many steps along the way. My connection with the Lakota Indians was the introduction, and that has done a lot. And during this 21-day process, it was very clear. I noticed that a message came, and I immediately pressed the record button on the microphone and recorded it all. And it was so clear. And it was also really my intention because preparation was the crucial word. “If you could take the time for the 3 weeks, then it could be an initiation.” And then I noticed that it made a click: “That is where I want to go.” To live without food, that is nice, but I want this initiation, this spiritual process. And I must say because it was my intention, it also happened. And I have noted it for myself. And thus many magical things happened, and they have remained. And now I can say that I can apply it in a much clearer way, and that I have a much stronger intuition, and that I can through my behavior express this. And this is a great gift.

:writing: What are some physical and mental transformations?

   I feel clearer, I need less sleep. I can really perform better than others. And because I do not eat, there is also no depression, as one normally knows. After a meal, one will get tired. Yes, then it is the routine. I wake up and am simply fit until I go back to bed. And that can be 20 hours, during which I work throughout or consistently do something. But I feel permanently strong and good. I see this as a great gift. When I physically work here, out in nature, when I drag loads, then the youngsters say, “Hey, I don’t know where you get your energy form.” And this already shows me the energy that is released when we are no longer digesting the food. And that was also for me important because it was always important in my life to be strong and also to be persistent. Soon after I finished my process, I went skiing because I wanted to know, “How will it be with my condition?” And it was really just like how it was before, that I could rush down the mountain, the way I was accustomed to. And here I realized,  “Yes, it works.”…
   It was very important that my doctor, my family doctor knew about it, and I told him a day earlier, I said, “I would like you to be there and to guide me.” I made an arrangement with him that if I had the feeling things were not going well, I could call him anytime, day or night, and he would help to interrupt the process. I was always ready, if I did not feel well, and that means that if I hear the inner voice say,   “Stop!” I would immediately stop. And this doctor also visited me on the 7-th day. I could hardly talk. He did not worry about my condition because he had sensed something. There was a force in me. There was no reason to interrupt now. And after the third week, he started like with fasting:  “Now stop fasting and eat some soup.” I said:  “No, nothing! No eating soup. I do not eat anymore.” And that completely changed his world view. Yes, he had learned a lot such as one can withstand without drinking for 7 days. I interviewed him later for my book that I have written. And then I asked him to examine me, I think it was in 4-th or 5-th week. And he took the blood test results and came back and said,   “Picture book value.” And we did a follow-up one, two and three more times; each time, it was positive. And it was important for me that I have from the medical side, as far as possible, simply reassurance that everything is okay. And I’m still like before… If it is not okay, then I would start to eat again. But now after this long time, over 4 years, I know that it’s possible to live without food. Actually on the first night I dreamed that I joined the people who lived on Light. And that was so powerful, so this energetic support was very noticeable.



Akahi is a dancer and artist who has found amazing happiness through his food-free lifestyle.
Akahi has been living without food for last two years.

   Before I become a breatherian, my life was happy, too, because a was an artist, I used to travel and so on. But it was another kind of happiness, the different one. It’s a happiness that never was complete. I felt happy for a moment, but I never could say, that I’m really happy at those moments. But now, as a breatharian, I am conscious that I’m breathing this beautiful energy which I call love. I was always like waiting for that moment where I can really find my own thing. I thought that there was another way for me, something is waiting for me, something that I want to find.
   I realized that was really fantastic for me to make the painting like my work, like the way to make my living. So then I started travelling around South America, selling my paintings.  And during this travel, all these beautiful things started happening to me, when all this knowledge, this love started coming to my life.   
   For me being a breatharian is being conscious that the source of love exists and I’m breathing that love every second. So now, it’s really happiness. It’s full of joy in my heart. I’m conscious that I can do whatever I want, I can be whatever I want, and I can have whatever I want. And actually, I’m conscious that I don’t need anything else now.
  So, after this process, I quit eating and it’s beautiful. It’s keep growing inside me. This state of consciousness makes me feel happy every time, makes me feel full of joy and gratitude with every breath that I take.


:writing: What were you like before you become a breatharian? What kind of food were you eating?

I passed by a conscious process. When I was travelling around South America, I started being a vegetarian. My family, when I was a kid, they used to give me different kinds of food. They weren’t vegetarians, so I found this way as my own way when I started travelling. So I was a vegetarian for three years. Those steps that I took to become a breatharian, had a powerful reason in my life. Because in 2006, my partner – now is my wife – she had a little physical problem in her body and we passed through special moments in our lives with the intension to heal that.
    I had a powerful desire inside me to be somebody who can help people to be healed. I decided that, I was praying to God, “Please, permit me to be somebody who can help people to be healed.”
   It was really easy for me to be a breatharian, never had problems leaving the meat. Then little by little, this started growing, this wish of being completely healed, or completely healthy, or completely pure. So that’s why I stopped being a vegetarian to become a vegan for a little while and then I passed to the raw food. So I was eating raw for a few months. It was really fantastic to feel the freshness of the food like that, to feel the energy that the raw food has. It was the first time when I felt myself vibrating in another kind of energy, when I feel myself filling with the light.
   And then I passed to the fruits. I became a fruitarian for a few months. I was eating just fruits. That was the best part, I learned to feel the real flavor of the things without sugar. I felt the real flavor and I started appreciating more the natural things what we have. That took me to respect Mother Earth. I really love Mother Earth. In some part of my life, I feel that I am connected to all the elements that surround me.  I am conscious that I was in communication with the rain, and I feel that I’m communicating with the air, with the water. I can speak to these elements and I can receive information from them; I can receive their guidance. It was really interesting for me because it’s like when you start to open your consciousness, you start receiving messages. These messages  keep opening more and more your eyes. And this is when you start realizing the connection with Mother Earth and all the elements. And then this connection takes you to the connection to the Universe.


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